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20 October 2009 @ 05:28 am
Broken Lullaby [Chapter 24]  
Title: Broken Lullaby
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: YunJae
Summary: Jaejoong was always the better twin, Yunho believed. He was popular, gorgeous, talented… almost everything he wished he himself was. When he pushes Jaejoong into traffic one day out of anger, he realizes he’s made a mistake and will do anything to get his older twin back. Even if it means visiting with the school’s occultist and being forced to do things just to keep Jaejoong alive.
Disclaimer: I am not lying when I say I don’t own them.
Warnings: Incest. Dark, dark incest. Well, attempted dark. XD Also, character death.

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.::Chapter 24::.

“Kyuhyun, please…” Yunho let out a soft plead as the younger teen got back to his feet. “Don’t tell anyone…”

“Or what?” Kyuhyun eyed the figure crawling out from under the bed. “He’s supposed to be dead. You’re messing with the natural order of life. Do you know how much of fate you’ve just screwed up because you brought him back to life? What will your family think? What about your friends? If I were totally religious, I would tell all three of you that you’re all going to Hell because of this.”

Heechul stared at him for a moment, “…is that a yes or a no in whether or not you’re going to let the cat out of the bag?”

“Of course I’m not.” The younger male responded, “That is… if you kill him first.”

The trio echoed with a, “What?”

“Life would be easier with someone who is supposed to be dead completely gone.” Kyuhyun continued. “I’ve read about this spell not too long ago… right after that night, actually, on the internet. Many side effects have occurred because of the spell, am I right? One of you is fucking Jaejoong, and I’m pretty sure that someone is Yunho.”


“And Kim Heechul!” Kyuhyun turned to the eldest teen, making his way over before draping an arm over his shoulder. “You used to be a complete church goer back in the day! What made you stop?” He leaned in closer to Heechul’s ear, whispering in a tone that let the other two males hear what he was saying. “Was it because you’ve brought yourself to the dark side and were fucking your cousin and just couldn’t bring yourself to face God for your sins?”

Jaejoong looked down as Yunho raised both eyebrows in surprise.

“What do you know?” Heechul narrowed his eyes.

“Only everything.” Kyuhyun responded. “I’ve researched everything I’ve ever wanted to know about you.” He tapped his own temple, smirking. “I’ve got sources.”

“Kyuhyun…” Jaejoong broke into the conversation. “What do you want?” The younger teen’s frown returned; he faced Jae with a glare.

“You always like playing the good willed person, don’t you, Jung Jaejoong?” He spat. “I’ve always hated that about you the most.”


“I honestly had no problem with you at all, back when we first met.” Kyuhyun walked over, staring him down. “You were only Yunho’s brother after all. But as time went on, as I spent more time with Yunho, he just would not shut up about you. It was always Jaejoong-this, Jaejoong-that—he was always saying hateful things about you.” Jaejoong looked at his twin uneasily as Yunho apologetically bit his lip.

“But it wasn’t his hateful words that made me hate you, no.” Kyuhyun was going for the final shot. “It was the fact that he was completely obsessed with you. I was disgusted with you—I wanted you to die so he’d shut up and open his eyes to me for once. You were always so perfect at everything; he wanted to be you—I just wanted you dead.”

“So how ecstatic was I when I came back home to find out that you passed away? I wanted to see Yunho right away, right after I paid your grave a visit and spat on it.” Kyuhyun took a few steps back. “That was when I witnessed everything.”

“You can’t prove anything, though…” Yunho was incredibly pale at this point.

“I can’t? Oh… yes, I can.” The younger teen pulled an envelope from his pocket. “I have copies, so destroying these won’t do a thing.” He tossed them onto the floor. A few photos slipped from the envelope, revealing images of Jaejoong on Yunho’s lap…

…on the couch…

…in the living room…

…during the first night…

“You followed us?”

“It was only natural I did.” Kyuhyun said. “I have more evidence, too. Like the fact that Jaejoong’s body is missing from his grave. How could you explain that to your parents, Yunho?”

“What do you want us to do, Kyuhyun?” Jaejoong didn’t like this one bit—it was only natural he didn’t.

“I want you to go back to where you belong, and…” Kyuhyun turned his attention to the younger twin. “…I want Yunho.”

“That’s not right at all…” Yunho began to say, but was interrupted.

“You doing your own brother is worse! Do you even know how disgusted I am of you two right now?! God, just what the world needs. More sick fucks.”

Heechul snapped, grabbing Kyuhyun by the back of the shirt and throwing him into the ground.

“You shut the fuck up right now before I pound your goddamn mouth in, you hear me, you bastard?”

Kyuhyun only smirked, “I haven’t done anything wrong, I’m only stating the truth. Is the truth hard for you, Kim Heechul? I wonder what your cousin must have thought when he realized what’s been going on with him. He did find out, right? Ah! And the friend he was dating! What did he think about this? He must have been hurt, huh?”

“Shut up!” Heechul crouched over him, slamming his fist into the younger teen’s jaw. “Shut up, shut up, shut up!”

“Hyung!” The twins rushed forward, pulling Heechul away. Kyuhyun sat up, holding a hand over his sore jaw.

“You don’t know anything!” Heechul screamed, trying to get away from Yunho and Jaejoong. “You don’t know anything!”

“Are you sure? Because I know for a fact that your friend stopped playing the violin because your cousin wasn’t in love with him anymore. Because you stole his love away. You were the one who made everything worse with your bringing him back. And then you had to go and make the same mistake again. It’s all your fault.”

Heechul stopped struggling as these words registered in his mind.

Maybe Kyuhyun was right.

Henry would have gotten better in time, if he had only waited a little longer and not brought Siwon back.

Henry would still be playing violin and would never have had Siwon’s blood drenching his hands.

If he didn’t go along with Yunho’s wish of bringing Jaejoong back, Yunho wouldn’t have been forced to have sex with him, and could have gotten himself into a nice, healthy relationship with someone he wasn’t related to.

Hankyung wouldn’t have gone through the heartbreak of realizing Jaejoong wasn’t in love with him anymore.

“Ooh, I finally hit something, didn’t I?”

“Kyuhyun, why don’t you just leave?” Yunho muttered, eyes not once leaving Heechul’s now slouching, quivering form.

“Anything for you, Yunho hyung.” Kyuhyun stood. “I’ll be back, though. Either Jaejoong dies, or I make your lives hell.” He winked before leaving the room. They heard the front door open and close, signaling the teen’s departure.

“Heechul hyung…” Jaejoong said softly.

Heechul swallowed, keeping his gaze down. “I’m a screw-up, aren’t I? That’s all I’m good at… I fuck up people’s lives…”

“Hyung, don’t say that…”

“It’s the truth.” His voice wavered—he swallowed again and choked. Letting out a small sob, he went on, “I can’t do anything right… all my friends are suffering because of me…”

The twins looked at each other before looking back at the older teen.

“Heechul, that’s not true…” Yunho said.

“Y-yeah…” Jaejoong smiled, giving Heechul’s arm a squeeze. “The things you’ve done… made us stronger. Especially Henry—he’s doing better now, too. Hankyung’s in the process of moving on now too, I’m sure…”

“Yeah,” Yunho went along and agreed with his brother, “and I’ve become more confident in myself… in tons of ways… so, you’re no screw-up, hyung. You’ve helped us, really… even with all your mistakes… you’ve learned from them at least, right?”

Heechul wiped his nose, pulling free from the younger teens.

“You… crazy kids…”

This earned him a smile.

Fifteen minutes later, after Heechul had himself a good cry and cleaned his face up, he asked Jae a question.

“I didn’t think about this at the time, but how are you so sure Henry is doing better?” He said, “For all you know, he could be in some asylum or rehab.”

Jaejoong coughed nervously, realizing he had been busted, “W-well… remember that day when you and Yunho came home and I wasn’t here?”

“…you didn’t.”

“I did…”

“Fucker!!” This statement was followed by stomping feet and the slamming of a door.

Jaejoong stared down the hallway, a smile spreading across his face, “That went better than I expected.” The smile disappeared when he remembered the words spoken to them only moments before.

Either Jaejoong dies, or I make your lives hell.

Jaejoong sat down on the bed, knowing he shouldn’t feel threatened, but he did. Because no one knew he was still alive, anyone could get away with murder when it came to him, right? He was already dead, after all.

However, if Kyuhyun went ahead and told people about him… people would know and it would be harder to get away with killing him. But…

…they would know about the spell and what Jae was supposed to do to stay alive… they’d give both him and Yunho crap about taboo shit and keep them apart anyway.

Either way, Jaejoong would die—the latter one being more painful than the other.

He felt the bed shift a little behind him before Yunho’s hands found their places on his shoulders, massaging them comfortingly.

“What do we do with the boy?” The way Yunho worded his question would have made Jae burst out laughing, but this was no joking matter.

“I don’t know…” He placed his hands over the younger teen’s, giving them a squeeze. This was the type of comfort he felt he needed—so much had happened in that one day…

Yunho freed his hands and leaned forward, wrapping his arms over Jae’s chest as he rested his chin on the older teen’s shoulder. Jaejoong leaned back in his hold; he felt so at peace…

“Let’s run away.” This statement alone made the older twin jump.

“What do you mean?”

“We should leave, Jae.” Yunho tightened his hold. “We won’t have to worry anymore. It’ll hurt for a little while, but we’ll be in a new place… no one will have to know we’re brothers or even… lovers… I’m just… I hate hiding you away in here… and with Kyuhyun being a little ass…”

“School, Yunho…” Jae interrupted. “What about school? And a job? It’ll be especially hard for me, since they won’t find a single record of mine that doesn’t say “Deceased” or that you’re my brother.”

“We’ll figure something out…” The younger twin planted a kiss on his ear. “You can just leave school and working and everything to me… we’ll have our own place, all to ourselves, and you can feel free to walk around and do whatever you want without risking getting recognized…”


“You’ve been protecting me all this time, right?” Yunho loosened his hold, moving beside Jae before pushing the older one down onto the bed. “I’ve learned that, Jae. Now it’s time for me to return the favor and take care of you.” He crawled on top of the smaller male and leaned down, kissing him fully on the lips.

Jaejoong closed his eyes, giving into the kiss, knowing it was wrong for Yunho to give up his entire life for him. He was giving up his friends, family… the city they had grown up in…

He was giving up his entire life just to be with Jaejoong.

They were twins, sure, but Jaejoong knew that he could never figure out what lay in the hidden depths of Yunho’s young mind, whether it be love, lust, obsession, or what.

As Yunho broke the kiss to move down to Jae’s neck, the older teen clutched his shirt desperately.

“Yunho…” He whispered in an almost barely audible tone—one that only his brother could hear.

“...I love you.”

.::End Chapter 24::.

A/N As I was typing the last… six paragraphs, Epik High’s “1 Minute 1 Second” started playing.
I started sobbing and my sister laughed at me.
Comments are love? 8’D
[And tissues. I need tissues. XD]
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I am IN LOVE with your comment. TAT

I'm glad you can relate to at least one of the characters. I tried really hard to make them as realistic as possible for people to really relate to in some cases, like how you mentioned Henry and violin. I worry that I might have overdone it in some points though, with some of the characters >.>

You made me feel a little bit better about my writing, as well. With all my fics, I'm always worried about how I word things, or if they're descriptive enough or what. Those were the main things that I worried about the most in this fic as well, because I'm reading these incredibly well-written fics and I can't help but say to myself, "Wow. My words are kind of shallow compared to these guys." You just brought up my self-esteem in writing and I can state for a fact that I'll definately be writing a lot more in the future. Thank you!
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