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19 October 2009 @ 01:47 pm
Broken Lullaby [Chapter 23]  
Title: Broken Lullaby
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: YunJae
Summary: Jaejoong was always the better twin, Yunho believed. He was popular, gorgeous, talented… almost everything he wished he himself was. When he pushes Jaejoong into traffic one day out of anger, he realizes he’s made a mistake and will do anything to get his older twin back. Even if it means visiting with the school’s occultist and being forced to do things just to keep Jaejoong alive.
Disclaimer: I am not lying when I say I don’t own them.
Warnings: Incest. Dark, dark incest. Well, attempted dark. XD Also, character death.
Notes: Sorry for making you guys wait the longest I've made anyone wait with any of my fics D8 I've straightened out the snag, and I'm back on track! So, enjoy chapter 23. ^^

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.::Chapter 23::.

If Jaejoong didn’t know any better, he’d think that Yunho was the one who had been brought back to life, not him.

The younger male had him sitting on the kitchen counter and was attacking his mouth fiercely with his own.

Jae placed his hands firmly on Yunho’s shoulders and pushed him away.

“Yunho, stop.”



Yunho looked at him for a second before finally nodding, backing away to let his twin down. Jaejoong slid off the counter and grabbed a hold of his younger brother’s hands.

“Sorry, it’s just that… it’s just so…”

“Forget about it.” Yunho leaned in and kissed his nose. “I understand.” Jae turned away to resume fixing food.

I want us to be more than brothers.” Those words were still echoing in Jae’s mind, even if they had happened almost an hour before. That very sentence shook his very soul when it shouldn’t have.

He wanted them to be more than brothers too, but he just didn’t feel right with it.

“Where’s Heechul?” Jae spoke, wishing that he didn’t have to go through such stress.

“I dunno…” Yunho stood at the table, pouring some orange juice into two glasses. “…he’s been gone a lot lately. It’s kind of suspicious, if you ask me.”

“Him? Suspicious?” The older twin chuckled.

“He’s probably planning to kill us and dump our bodies somewhere so he can have his apartment all to himself again.”

“Yah, don’t even joke about that.” Jae looked at his brother with wide eyes, only to be met with laughter. “It’s not funny!”

“Sorry~” Yunho put the orange juice back into the fridge.

Jae’s butt began ringing loudly.

“Don’t move!” Yunho hurried over and reached into the older teen’s back pocket, pulling out his phone before giving Jaejoong’s bottom a firm squeeze and a soft smack. “I’ll get that.”

“You’re such a beast.”

“All the time.”

Jae rolled his eyes and smiled, putting food onto plates and placing the plates onto the table. Yunho stood in place, answering the call.


“Yunho hyung! Long time no talk!”

The voice sounded oddly familiar… “Kyuhyun?”

“You remember me!” He could hear the younger man smiling on the other end. “I’m back from London! I stopped by your house to see you, but your parents told me you moved out and gave me your address and everything. I’m on my way over!”

“Eh? Wait! Kyuh--!” He was cut off when he heard the line click. Yunho pulled the phone away and stared at it.

“Kyuhyun called?” Jaejoong asked. His twin nodded.

“He’s on his way, apparently…” Yunho looked at him. “Fuck.”

“Does he still have that crush on you?” Jaejoong fought the urge to make a face. He remembered the dongsaeng who always used to cling to his brother a while back—it didn’t bother him back then… hell, it amused him to no ends, but thinking about it now…

He didn’t want Kyuhyun laying a single finger on his Yunho.

“Hell if I know…” He shoved his phone into his pocket. “…you need to hide…”

“I know.” Jaejoong made a move to leave, but the younger teen grabbed his hand. “Yunho…” Yunho rested his other hand on Jae’s hip, pulling him close so their bodies meshed together in almost perfection.

Jaejoong really hated how the younger male held the power to make his heart quicken.

“Please, Jae…” Yunho whispered, planting a small kiss on his twin’s ear before working his way down his neck. “…think about it.”

Jae didn’t have to ask about what he meant. He only nodded, and Yunho pulled away.

“All right, go hide somewhere.”

Jaejoong figured that the space under his bed would once again be the perfect hiding spot.

The three men sat at the park after dealing with Heechul’s coffee spill.

“Small world.” Heechul stretched and leaned back on the park bench nonchalantly. “Never would have thought that you guys are cousins.”

“Or that you two schoolmates.” Henry jumped in. “It’s nice to know that I’m not Hangeng’s only friend.”

“Hey…” Hankyung pouted. “I have lots of friends.” This line went ignored.

“Still, it’s strange I’ve never seen you guys together.” Heechul messed with a loose piece of thread on his coat. “Henry, you never mentioned having family here.”

“You don’t remember?” The younger male asked. “He was there during some of my concerts in the past couple of years…”

“Huh… Nope, don’t remember a thing.” It was the truth—after all, back in those days, Heechul only really had eyes for Henry to care about anything else.

“That’s cold, hyung.” Hankyung couldn’t help but say with a grin, knowing full well that he himself didn’t remember ever seeing the older teen at those concerts.

“Why thank you. It’s how I strive to be.” Heechul looked at his nails before standing. “I better get going. I have errands to run, people to torment, puppies to kick… you know, those things I usually do.”

“I hope you have fun with that, puppy kicker.” Henry stuck his tongue out as his cousin sent him a shy wave. Heechul saw the wave, felt his face heat up a little, and coughed, walking away as he sent the two teens a peace sign.

Once out of sight, Henry spoke, “You like him, don’t you?”

“What?” Hankyung’s face flushed.

“He’s a good guy, Chullie is.” The younger male continued. “If you try hard enough, he’ll definitely return your feelings.”

“Are you saying you don’t like him?”

“He’s like a brother to me.” He leaned forward and looked down at his feet. “I did believe I liked him, a long time ago, but it wasn’t really anything real. Just plain old lust.” He looked back at his cousin. “If you two do get together, take care of him, all right? Chullie likes playing the strong guy, but really… he’s a lot more sensitive than he let’s on.” Before Hankyung could say anything, a classical ring tone caught their ears.

Henry pulled out his phone, looking at the caller ID. He answered it, giving his cousin a look that told him he’d only be a minute.


Hankyung heard mumblings from the inside of the cell and saw the younger teen nod his head a few times before putting on a look of shock.

“What? I couldn’t… I told you I don’t play anymore…” More muffled sentences. “But… I don’t think I can…” Henry sighed. “Come on…” The voice from the phone drawled out a more pleading tone. “…all right. I’ll do it… But only because I want you to stop begging me like that! … All right, I’ll see you tomorrow night.” He hung up, letting out a groan.

“What was that all about?”

“There’s a stage show next week, and Ryeowook wants me to play because someone dropped out at the last minute…” Henry shoved his phone into his pocket. “I haven’t played that thing in forever…”

“I miss your playing. What made you stop?”

“When the person you love to play for dies, you’d stop too, wouldn’t you?”

Hankyung decided not to question his cousin any further.

Yunho didn’t know what to say when he saw the shorter male standing before him in the doorway.

“It’s been a long time, hyung!” Kyuhyun grinned. “I would have contacted you when I got here, but so many things have been going on this past month that I haven’t been able to.”

“Yeah…” Yunho swallowed, backing away to let him in. “How’d London go?”

“It was okay, but I missed home a lot.” The smaller teen removed his shoes and set them off to the side. “I heard what happened to Jaejoong hyung. I feel horrible for not being here for the funeral.”

“It’s okay…”

“Mind if I look around? I want to see your room!”

“What?” Yunho blinked and Kyuhyun was gone. He heard the younger teen’s voice from down the hallway.

“Your room is so dark and sad! I’ll open a window!”

Yunho cared about Kyuhyun, he really did, but sometimes, he just wanted to twist the teen’s head right off his neck.

Hurrying into the bedroom, Yunho found Kyuhyun drawing the dark curtain to the side, succeeding in letting light into the room.

“There.” He clapped his hands together, sitting himself on Jaejoong’s almost messy bed (relieving Yunho like none other—his bed was a wreck from the activities late last night/early that morning). “Hyung, why do you need two beds in here? I know you share this apartment, but that doesn’t mean you share rooms, do you?”

“No, this is all mine…” Yunho walked over to his own bed and pulled the blanket up, fixing it just a little bit to hide any awkward evidence that might be visible.

“Cool…” Kyuhyun fell back onto the bed—Yunho could have sworn he heard a small gasp from under the bed and his eyes widened, realizing where Jae must have decided to hide again. He stood up, deciding now would be a good time to kick Kyuhyun out of the room.

“Listen, I’m really busy right now… I appreciate you coming to visit though.” He grabbed Kyuhyun’s arm, making an attempt to pull the teen up. Kyuhyun latched onto his hyung’s arms instead and pulled him down.

The shock in Yunho’s face formed a smirk on Kyuhyun’s lips. His smirk grew even more apparent when he opened his mouth to say the next few words.

“I know Jaejoong is alive.” He said. “He’s in this apartment, isn’t he?”

“What are you talking about?” Yunho had to cover this up. He let out a laugh, trying to push himself away from the younger teen, but was only pulled down further so that they were nose-to-nose. “He’s… not…”

“I was there that night.” Kyuhyun continued. “In the cemetery. I saw you and Kim Heechul out there.” His smirk faded. “Did you enjoy kissing your brother?” Yunho’s heart raced.

“I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t play dumb with me.” Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes. “I saw the light. I saw Jaejoong there. There was barely any light out, but I saw you two together.” He shoved the taller man off of him and sat up, bouncing on the bed a little.

“He’s here.” He bounced again. “Right here.” Kyuhyun stood up before Yunho could do anything and shoved him farther away, getting down on all fours and peaking under the bed.

Jaejoong’s surprised (and pained…?) stare from the small, dim space was what greeted him.

“Hello, Jaejoong hyung. Having fun fucking Yunho?”


“Honey, I’m home!” Heechul’s English broke through the atmosphere. “You two better not be doing the deed! Don’t make me get out the spray bottle!” He walked through the open door of the bedroom, mouth dropping to a gape as he saw Yunho staring in his direction in shock with Kyuhyun still looking under the bed.

Heechul wanted to ask what was going on, but Yunho’s frightened expression answered every question in his mind.

“Well… this is shit.”

.::End Chapter 23::.

A/N And it'll only get better from there.
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konnakonna_chan on October 19th, 2009 08:22 pm (UTC)
oh! a new one!!!
konnakonna_chan on October 19th, 2009 08:32 pm (UTC)
omg!!! Kyuhyun seems like a jerk here but normally i love him. it's just getting better & better!and your chapters are longer now too~
{Reijeux}chibireina124 on October 19th, 2009 08:45 pm (UTC)
LOL after watching him in the dangerous friendships episode of Suju's mini dramas, my image of Kyuhyun has forever been tainted, and I can't help but love him even more. XD

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{Reijeux}chibireina124 on October 19th, 2009 09:24 pm (UTC)
LOL Kyu is so scary 8'D I love him for it XD The Suju mini drama forever tainted my image of him. XD

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