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11 October 2009 @ 05:44 pm
Broken Lullaby [Chapter 22]  
Title: Broken Lullaby
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: YunJae
Summary: Jaejoong was always the better twin, Yunho believed. He was popular, gorgeous, talented… almost everything he wished he himself was. When he pushes Jaejoong into traffic one day out of anger, he realizes he’s made a mistake and will do anything to get his older twin back. Even if it means visiting with the school’s occultist and being forced to do things just to keep Jaejoong alive.
Disclaimer: I am not lying when I say I don’t own them.
Warnings: Incest. Dark, dark incest. Well, attempted dark. XD Also, character death.
Notes: Sorry for the long wait, you guys! (okay, it wasn't that long, but those who know how often I update know that more than almost 48 or so hours of not updating is like a lifetime of not updating), but here is chapter 22. ^^

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.::Chapter 22::.

Some odd years back, when they were fourteen, Yunho watched Jaejoong get bullied.

Something inside him wanted to jump in and save his brother, but watching him like this for the first time made him feel good. They fought all the time, right? And Jae was usually the one who won.

Yunho wanted to see the tables get switched for once and he wanted to see that God-awful smirk get wiped from his face. He wanted to see him cry.

And the thing was, Jaejoong knew he was watching.

He just stood there and took it.

Jaejoong was shoved around. The tie to his uniform was undone and he had a few small bruises forming around his jaw.

Then one of the guys dumped his lunch over the teen’s head.

The whole cafeteria had watched in shock, and Yunho did nothing to help him. He sat there at his table, turning back to his own food before feeling the guilt eat at his insides.

Jaejoong had left school early because of the mess he was in, but not once did he break through his stone face. He was truly unfazed.

When Yunho had reached his home that afternoon, his mother went ape on him.

“Why didn’t you call a teacher?!” She screamed. “Why didn’t you do anything to help your brother!?” Before he could even respond, Jaejoong cut in.

“He wasn’t even there, Umma.” As he said this, even more guilt cut into his stomach. “There was no way he could have helped.” Their mother glanced at the both of them before letting out a sigh, ushering her eldest son into the living room to sit down.

Yunho didn’t understand how one person could take all that bullying. If it happened to him, he would have gone crazy and get into a fight, but Jaejoong…

He was indestructible.

That night, the younger fourteen-year-old left his bed to crawl into Jae’s.

“It’s not raining outside. Why are you in my bed?” Jaejoong muttered softly as his twin curled up against him, entwining their limbs. The older teen made no move to push him away.

“I’m sorry.” Yunho whispered into his brother’s shoulder.

“What for? You weren’t there.”

“Yes, I was.”

“I know.” Jaejoong caressed the back of Yunho’s head, “But if I were you, I wouldn’t have done anything, either.”

“You sure?”

“Positive.” They cuddled closer together for warmth.

Jaejoong reached for his brother’s hand and intertwined their fingers together, as if it was the most normal, most right thing to do in the world.

Yunho couldn’t help but watch him through the darkness, feeling something inside him twirl at this simple act.

Maybe that was the first time he realized he had feelings for his brother—feelings that should never be let out and thus, he had forgotten them.


He opened his eyes, surprised to have had such a memory as a dream. He was met with Jaejoong’s serene, peaceful face looking back at him.

“Hi…” Was all Yunho could muster.

“Hey.” A small smile danced along the older male’s lips, tempting Yunho to plant a kiss upon them.

“Do you…?”

“Most of it.” Jae confirmed, blushing a little. “We’ve been doing that all this time?”

“Gross, huh?”

“Totally.” They shared a lighthearted laugh, as if neither of them had a care in the world. It was true—at that moment, Yunho knew for sure he wouldn’t give a damn if Godzilla fell from the sky and started destroying everything. He knew that somewhere in Jae’s mind, he felt the same way.

Jaejoong let out a soft sigh as he adjusted himself into a more comfortable position, successfully bringing himself more into Yunho’s hold.

He felt so weirded out by this, true, but it just felt so right.

Maybe it was because he was with Yunho. They used to get along like cats and dogs, but he believed it was because they truly loved and cared for each other. Maybe that was what made them click so well.

Or maybe it was just that being brought back to life after being dead for two weeks muddled with the sense in his brain. You never know.

“Do you know what time it is?”

“Not a clue.”

“Think we should get up?”

“It’s Sunday.” Yunho responded, resting his nose in the crook of the smaller man’s neck. “Let’s stay for a little while longer.”

Jaejoong nodded, shutting his eyes. He held Yunho close, tracing his fingers softly up and down his spine.

Jae couldn’t help but wonder how Hankyung was doing.

He couldn’t help but feel even more like a slut. Had he cried enough for his ex? He cried once, at most, and then he went and slept with Yunho—even if it was not even his fault. Those times and all the other times before…

“Stop worrying so much about Hankyung. He’ll be fine.”

“How’d you know I was…?”

Yunho pulled away and raised an eyebrow, giving his brother the ‘you’ve got to be shitting me’ look. Jae grinned a little.

“Never mind.”

“Damn right.”

Another moment of silence and Jaejoong felt Yunho rubbing small circles into his back with his thumbs.

Jae breathed in and let out a laugh, “God, this is just so weird…”

“What is?”


“Is that bad?”

“Well… no… I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s just… weird…”

“Does Joongie not like weird?” Yunho batted his eyelashes—something Jae never wanted to see again, due to the hilarity of the sight.

“Yah, let’s get up already.” The older twin proceeded to get up, only to get pulled back down again, right on top of Yunho. He stared down at the younger male in surprise.

“Jae, I…” Yunho struggled to get it out. “…I want us to be… more than brothers.”

Jaejoong almost felt his heart stop at this wish. Yunho really wanted that? He didn’t know what to think…

“Yunho, I…”

“I’ve been debating on this for a while, Jae. Trust me. It’s just that… I don’t know… it… it makes sense, you know? To me, anyway…”

Jae understood what he was saying, but… “I… I don’t know…”

Yunho’s hands traveled up his sides, caressing the smooth skin gently as shivers were sent up Jae’s spine.

“Don’t tell me you can’t feel it, Jae.” The younger male said, looking him straight in the eye. Jaejoong never thought of Yunho as a person who got straight to the subject… When did he change?

“You can feel the connection, can’t you?” He went on. “There’s a spark.”

It was true—Jaejoong did feel that spark, but right now…

Yunho was scaring him shitless with his crazy talk.

Pushing off of him, Jae successfully got away from the bed, picking up his clothes.


“Let’s go eat.”

Yunho obeyed, getting up and they both got themselves cleaned up and dressed. The younger male was the first to leave the room; Jae shut the door and leaned up against it, taking deep breaths.

If only Yunho knew how much power he held over Jaejoong.

“You broke up with your boyfriend?”

Hankyung nodded, leaning back on the couch, “I never told you about him, did I?”

“Only the vague details.” Henry reached for his drink. “You kind of ignored me for a while.”


“Don’t be. So, what happened?”

The older teen looked up at the ceiling, “He fell in love with someone else.” Henry raised an eyebrow, setting his drink down.

“Are you sure? Did he tell you this?”

“He didn’t tell me, but it’s kind of obvious. He’s never really with me anymore.” Hankyung said. “I don’t know how to put it.”

“Mmmm…” Henry stood. “What you need is a good day out. We haven’t hung out since I moved, then you had to go and stop replying to my letters.”

“If I’m not mistaken, YOU were the one who stopped replying, Cuz.”

“Well, whoever stopped replying stopped the letters, now get off your lazy ass and let’s go get coffee.”

Heechul was the type of person who always acted as if he never cared—which was true, unless something really serious had happened.

And this thing that happened that was totally serious… it was his fault, wasn’t it?

Hankyung’s breaking up with Jae. That had to have been his fault.

It was because of the kiss from the other night—Hankyung didn’t seem like the type who wouldn’t do anything about it. Did he think he betrayed Jae?

Of course he’d think that…

Heechul rested his chin on his hand as he sipped from his mug of coffee; his eyes traveled over the people who sat at the other tables of the shop.

‘Wonder if they’re having the same problems I am…’ He thought to himself.

The sound from the bell above the door went off and he ignored it. It was only a couple of seconds later that he realized he should have looked.

“Chullie?” He heard Henry’s voice, but at the same time, Hankyung’s voice broke in as well, with, “Heechul?”

The two males looked at each other, “You know Heechul?”

Heechul spilled his coffee.

.::End Chapter 22::.

A/N Gaaaaah, so after intensely celebrating Henry's birthday today (I loves that boy so much T_T), I've regained some of my writing mojo (refer to previous post about "the snag"), but I don't know for sure when I'll start updating regularly again. It's actually nice to update every couple of days instead of every day like I seem to obsessively do XD But yeah, to those who have been sticking with this story, thanks so much! I love you all 8D
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Wow, this chapter was amazing. Showed more info about Yunjae's past and how Yunho liked Jaejoong even when they were kids <3 SO sweet...hope they can be a couple soon...they're kind of just ignoring their feelings now =\
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omgahh i loved this chap too!!
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You'll have to join http://community.livejournal.com/candy_lullabies to be able to read any of the locked chapters. Sorry about that ^^;
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